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NVQs are qualifications, but not just any qualification

These qualifications recognise that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience according to a set of nationally accredited standards

NVQs are achieved in the workplace, thereby acknowledging your skill, training and experience to undertake your job role safely, effectively and efficiently. This allows the NVQ to be achieved without the need to be away from the job, avoiding downtime, as well as the need for evening or college classes.

The road to achieving an NVQ is really quite easy:

  • The first step is an induction with an assessor who will fully explain the qualification and what you will need to do to achieve it.
  • You will be asked to gather work-based evidence such as photographs, videos, witness testimonies, references and any relevant documentation
  • These are then compiled and assessed by your assessor.
  • The assessor will arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out a direct observation of you carrying out your normal work.
  • The assessor will talk to about your experience and knowledge and ask you some questions
  • Once the assessor is satisfied that you have met the entire standard he/she will deem you competent

What are NVQs?

They prove that the candidate is both Skilled & Competent at his place of work according to a set of industry performance standards as well as to the company’s requirements.

But not only is he/she competent, but they have the Knowledge & Understanding to go with that competence.

They prove that they can do the job that the employer requires of them.

Benefits of NVQs for Employers

  • the competence-based approach ensures that staff development resources are focused on real needs making for more cost-effective training leading to improved employee performance
  • the national standards on which NVQS are based ensure that your staff are assessed to an agreed industry standard
  • staff performance may be monitored more accurately
  • staff recruitment and development is easier because a national industry standard states exactly what a person needs to know and do leading to increased employee motivation
  • attraction, recruitment and retention of the best employees
  • increased profitability and competitiveness

NVQs and ‘Conventional’ Qualifications

Why bother with NVQs when my staff have “REAL” qualifications like HND/HNC/Degree or some other professional qualification?

Traditional qualifications such as HND/HNC etc. provide excellent training in the KNOWLEDGE required by the job sector in general, but not always for the specific job.

NVQs take that knowledge, and through reference to standards, combine it with the COMPETENCE required to do that job.


Together, the two schemes provide for a specifically structured and targeted training, assessment and development programme.

Morley Young Training Services - NVQ Services

NVQs & the Business Environment

The use of occupational standards and NVQs is beginning to have an ever increasing impact upon business and the way it operates.

Customers are beginning to specify such standards in tendering systems because they demonstrate:

  • confidence in standards of performance
  • higher quality, consistency and reliability throughout the supply chain
  • quality assurance requirements are to a specified standard
  • how good practice becomes best practice
  • improvements in project time scales
  • improvements in bidding and procurement processes
  • improved skill levels and performance

Regulators will be referring to these standards when determining whether a business has effectively established the competence of its workforce

The courts of law, when determining guilt or damages, will take into account whether or not existing national occupational standards of competence were in use

More and more companies are introducing some kind of business excellence model. At the heart of these models is staff development and at the heart of staff development are the use of occupational standards

An increasing number of employers are beginning to look beyond the obvious benefits of NVQs and explore how the qualifications can be integrated into a wider human resource strategy. Employers are linking NVQs with personnel programmes such as staff appraisals, skills audits, recruitment and remuneration packages

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